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Inna Busaeva: "We maintain a Register of unreliable lawyers"

Inna Busaeva: "We maintain a Register of unreliable lawyers"

Inna Busaeva: "We maintain a Register of unreliable lawyers"

Today the editors of "Rusbankrot" had an Interview with the President of Liquidation and Bankruptcy Bar Association Inna Busaeva. She spoke about main problems of the lawyers in regions, necessary measures, deals guarantor and the nearest plans of association.

Good afternoon, Inna! Please, tell us, what aims does the Association seek for?

Our main aim is to unite specialists in the field of liquidation and bankruptcy, which is simply necessary for the quick exchange of information on overcoming legal conflicts. The Association maintains a Register of unreliable lawyers, lawyers companies and arbitration administrators. We act as a guarantor of deals, it protects the executers who provided the services from payment evasion of the customer. In general, we can talk about aims and tasks for a very long time - the Association has a great many of them.

What is the location of the Association?

Geographically, we are located in Moscow, but in fact we cover all regions - lawyers from any corner of the country, and even experts from abroad, can join the Association. The exchange of experience and necessary information about practice in various regions is very important. Despite the fact that we live in the same country, activities in the area of ​​liquidation and bankruptcy can vary greatly depending on the region. This information is very valuable and necessary for any successful lawyer.

How often do regional requirements not correspond to federal ones?

Unfortunately, the problem of non - corresponding between regional practice and federal ones does exist. Of course, it is necessary to deal with this at various levels, and both individual lawyers and the Association as a whole act as an engine in the right direction. Our website has a forum with a special section, "Wishes for lawmakers," which discusses the most acute problems of the area of law, gaps, and this very non - corresponding.

People leave wishes for making the necessary changes and additions to laws, and all these proposals do not go nowhere. Representatives of the Association carefully read them, and then made the speeches on the most interesting and effective of them in the Federal government and local governments.

You mentioned that the Association acts as a guarantor of deals - and how are the disputes settled?

First of all, the Association resolves the disputes that arise within the "Guarantor of deals" service, we act as a mediator in a conflict between participants (providing any legal service). The Association also cooperates with the Arbitration Courts, which assist in resolving disputes between members of the Association, as well as with their clients. Executors who do not cope well with their duties are placed to the Register of unreliable lawyers, lawyers companies and arbitration managers, which is maintained by the Association.

Does the Association organize events?

Of course, we regularly organize various events, meetings and seminars that are attended by lawyers from all over Russia. There they receive information about all the innovations, changes in regional and federal legislation, as well as cases of applying them in practice in Moscow and other regions. By the way, the Association is not only an organizer, but also a participant in regional, industry, federal and international events, including thematic seminars, forums and conferences.

Inna, how did you become the president of the Association? Is it difficult for a fragile woman to run such a large company?

I've been working n this area for quite a long time now - I graduated from the university with a degree in law, I have been engaged in legal practice for 12 years. As you understand, continuous self-development, raising the level of knowledge and practical skills requires a systematic upward movement. And, when the idea of ​​creating the Association came up, I did not stand aside.

The Association is a source of theoretical and practical knowledge for lawyers, it gives an opportunity to search for partners, customers or various legal services. Being the president of the Association means gaining the trust of other professionals in our field, for me it is very important. It is important that my colleagues believe in my professionalism and practical experience.

What are the main tasks of a president of the Association?

The most important task is the development of the Association. I need to see that its work benefits lawyers and other participants of the organization. My first priority is the preparation of public events, programs, projects, conferences on legal topics, the organization of meetings for members of the Association, including ensuring the participation of the Association itself in public programs, both at the regional and federal levels, as well as at the international level. To put it in simple words, my main tasks are continuous self-development, tracking innovations in legislation and providing the Association members with the necessary information.

What are the nearest plans of the association?

Now finalization of the mechanism of the electronic system for the implementation of the guarantor of deals for all types of consulting services, including legal ones, is being completed. We will do everything to ensure that our users are satisfied and receive maximum protection from unreliable participants in the process.

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