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Structure of the association

General meeting of the members of Association is the highest authority for Association. Its members gather whenever necessary, but not rare than once a year.

Among exclusive competences of a General meeting there are:

  • Determination of the key priorities of Association and of its property’s creation and use;
  • Association charter’s approvals and amendments;
  • Determination of the rules of admission of new members to the Association and its members’ excluding;
  • Creation of the Association’s authorities: elections of the Association’s leading members, of the Association board‘s chairman, of the Association’s President and making decisions regarding their early step down;
  • Approval of the annual reports and accounting (financial) reports of the Association;
  • Making decisions about creation of other legal persons of the Association, about Association’s cooperation with other legal persons, about Association branch offices and affiliates’ establishment;
  • Decisions on the matters of Association’s reorganization and liquidation, on creation of a liquidation committee and on preparation of a liquidation balance;
  • Election of Audit committee (auditor) and its early step down, approval and confirmation of an audit institution or Association’s independent auditor;
  • Making decisions about membership fees and the way of its payment, about additional assets contributions of the members of Association to its property and about their residual liability to the association if such a liability is provided by the law or by charter;
  • Consideration and approval of the Association costs’ estimate;
  • Approval of the regulations of the Association’s General meeting, regulations of the Association’s leaders , regulations of the auditor and of the membership in the Association;
  • Consideration on the complaint of a person who was excluded from the Association’s members, on non-substantiation of the decision of The Association leading members, based recommendations of a disciplinary committee about an exclusion of this member from the Association and on making decisions about such complaints.
Incumbent single executive:
Busayeva Inna - the President

Collegiate executive: the board of Association with the chairman


Name / SurnamePosition
1Polyakova Oksana The Association’s board chairman
2Alexey FedorovMember of the Association’s board

Carries the inspections of the financial and economic activities of the Association


Name / Surname Position
1Zhukova AnnaAssociation’s auditor

Disciplinary committee considers on the complaints of the actions of the Association’s members violations of the federal laws or other legal regulations of The Russian Federation, the rules of business and professional ethics, requirements about the mandatory membership fees and mandatory requirements from the internal documents of the Association that regulates the actions of the Association’s members.


Name / SurnamePosition
1Sharapov MaksimHead of the disciplinary committee

In case of having an application from the member of the Association about Association’s acting as a deal’s guarantor:

  • Coordinates the acceptable methods of payment with all the members of the Association;
  • Contributes to the detailing of the subject of deal;
  • Fixes the period of the deal’s realization;
  • Controls the parties’ compliance of the terms of a deal;
  • Resolves all the disputes between the deal’s parties.


Name / SurnamePosition
1Sharonova SvetlanaHead of the committee
2Nikitina YuliaThe committee’s member