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Dear colleagues and partners! Our Association is the largest thematic Association in the field of liquidation and bankruptcy in Russia. We draw your attention to the fact that all our employees are active employees of various consulting companies from different regions of the Russian Federation, they represent interests in the courts and participate in negotiations with clients - and, as a result, do not stay in the office for the whole day. If you need a personal meeting with one of our experts - please, write in advance about the meeting time, so that you could save a lot of time and not wait the office.

Request to our regional partners: do not forget to write us, in what region you are located!

The Association of Law Companies and Experts in the Field of Liquidation and Bankruptcy may provide legal services to members of the Association. Customers of legal services, who are not members of the Association, are served by the organization ANPO "Law", established by the Association.

Autonomous non-profit organization for the provision of legal services "Law".

PSRN: 1177700006373 from 04/14/2017

TIN/RRC: 7720378180/772001001

Address: Moscow, Kropotkinsky Lane, h. 4, b. 2


Phone: +7 (495) 2014-014

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