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About Association

Liquidation and Bankruptcy Bar Association was officially registered in 2018. Bankruptcy and liquidation of the legal entities are specific, complicated and long term processes. Some cases need a provision of legal advice and lawyers interests defense and a search for the reliable partners becomes a real challenge for many companies. Cases when one of the parties acts in bad faith and do not fulfill its obligations are not rare now. This is particularly relevant when such processes as liquidation and bankruptcy take place. Creation of a united community of the qualified services providers should contribute to the solution of this problem.

Lawyers Association is a unique platform of reliable implementing partners that acts as a protection of their professional interests.

Aims of Association

Exchange of the information about bankruptcy and liquidations area law conflicts (For example, when the regional register authorities requirements are not equivalent with federal legislation).
Unification of information and documents that are requested from the ultimate customer.
Development of the service provision standards.
Settlements of disputes (mediation) between lawyers companies and clients who ordered legal services.
Maintaining of a Register of unreliable suppliers base and the list of lawyers companies, from the deeds of which the associations members suffered.
Acting as a guarantor of deals, i.e. protection from the refusal to pay for services rendered.
Representation of Association members' interests in the public authorities.
Promoting the culture of healthy lifestyle among lawyers.
Organization, arranging and participation in regional, sectoral, federal and international events, exhibitions, forums and conferences in the area of bankruptcy and liquidation.
Assistance with lawyers and lawyers companies liability insurance.

What benefits gives a membership in the Liquidation and Bankruptcy Bar Association?

The Association is planning to organize different events for the representatives of a legal environment. Annual meetings, seminars, forums and conferences on relevant issues of the area of law and events, contributing to the development and maintaining a healthy lifestyle among representatives of a legal environment. There are special terms of participating in these events for all the members of Association and sometimes they can attend the events for free. Such events will let the lawyers to make a lot of useful acquaintances, get a new experience and knowledge and strengthen existing business relationships.

We are open for cooperation and new proposals!